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First and foremost, what is DIGITAL MARKETING?

DIGITAL MARKETING encompasses all marketing efforts that leverage on electronic devices and the internet. In other words, online. Businesses should leverage on digital / online channels not limiting to search engine, social media, websites, online forums, etc.

Do you know as of January 2018, 78% of web pages viewed on mobile phone in Singapore?
Do you know as of January 2018, social media usage on mobile has increased to 84% in Singapore?

With how accessible the internet nowadays, people are not limiting their search on desktop only. The use of mobile to search for info, services and to make purchases, all can be done with a mobile phone.

Here at Big Oren, we help businesses to gain more exposure and attention online via our strategic and tailored digital marketing solutions. We offer an array of services like website building, strategizing marketing campaigns and content creation.

We believe in building a mutually beneficial working relationship. Each business has different needs and requires different strategies.

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We Partner With Many Businesses Including


Website Building

Here are some websites we have built.

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Some of social campaigns we created.


What They Say..

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